This week in glitches: go up north in GTA5, and witness the rapture in Assassin’s Creed 4

A handful of enterprising youths have found a way to return to North Yankton in Grand Theft Auto Online. North Yankton, you’ll remember, is the snowy hamlet you begin the game in. Since people want what they can’t have, they’ve been trying to find a way to break back into the city to play around in it pretty much since the game came out. That wish has been granted.

Check out how.

While nowhere near as epic, getting into Yankton had sort of been on track to become the Sasquatch hunt of this game, although now that we’ve gotten there it’s played out more like the hunt for forgotten lands in Shadow of the Colossus. There’s something almost aesthetically appealing about breaking into these off-boundaries areas of the games, seeing behind the mountains and into a sort of half-formed universe. It’s not so much about breaking the game but about transgressing within it and achieving something out of body. It’s a much more effective means of simulating drug use than the wobble-vision or extraterrestrials Rockstar officially uses in their games. 

More from the “transcendent, holy-shit-why-wasn’t-this-built-into-the-game” end of the spectrum is this glitch from Assassin’s Creed 4. But, again: if we can create moments like this in an open world, why aren’t they being built in? Keep games weird, is what I’m saying.

Header image via robotson