You have about 60 minutes left to get our game of the year on the cheap

Last week, we crowned Gone Home our game of the year. This week, we thought we’d be nice and let you know that it’s on sale on Steam, so if you hurry you can play the best game of 2013 for $6.79, which from our perspective is a damn fine deal. 

If you’re wondering, “What’s this Gone Home game?” you should know that it’s an interactive story that uses 90s nostalgia (boy, do I feel old!) and first-person perspective to tell a deeply personal coming-of-age story. To avoid spoilers, I’ll leave it at that. 

In other Gone Home news, a random guy on the internet is “de-making” the game in the game construction set RPG Maker. It’s a nice thought, although we have to wonder if it defeats the point. What Gone Home does and does brilliantly is use the nonphysical space typically reserved for shooters to tell its story through objects. Still, it’s a nice salute.