Weekend Reading: Stuck In The Past, Covered In Pink Granite

While we at Kill Screen love to bring you our own crop of game critique and perspective, there are many articles on games, technology, and art around the web that are worth reading and sharing. So that is why this weekly reading list exists, bringing light to some of the articles that have captured our attention, and should also capture yours.


Privacy Scandal Haunts Pokémon Go’s CEO, Sam Biddle, The Intercept

Pokémon Go, a game that, despite being so underdog, obscure, and seldom referred to on an hourly basis in the media, has become one of the most downloaded apps of all time. It would be nice to think that the world will never experience a hangover from this, but as Sam Biddle reports, Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, doesn’t have the greatest track record for user privacy.

I Went To A Summer Camp For Adults And It Was Weird, Scaachi Koul, Buzzfeed

The new generation of adults appear to be experiencing a very public case of arrested developments, and while there’s a bit of “who can blame them” with trying to return to older joys, it can manifest in strange ways. Scaachi Koul decided to attend a three-day summer camp for adults, learning that trying to return to the past can land you somewhere even sadder than adulthood.


Image: A G

Monstrous Births, Sarah Blackwood, The Hairpin

That miracle of modern medicine has certainly cut down on the mortality rate of childbirth, but that doesn’t mean the gift of life isn’t free of archaic times. Sarah Blackwood goes over the history of childbirth and its sentiment around pain, and how the process continues to be broken down into the macro “good” or “bad.”

What Stays at the Seagram Building Loses the Four Seasons, David W. Dunlap, The New York Times

Maintaining the character of architecture can certainly be a tough and celebrated task, but as David W. Dunlap explores, when you have a big ol’ bag of money you can make the process as surreal as you want. Can’t find the same shade of granite used over half a century ago? Reopen the quarry!


Header image: Still from illustration by Erik Carter for The Intercept