Want to be the next editor at Kill Screen?

It’s that time again. 

Kill Screen is seeking a dynamic, thoughtful, and entrepreneurial editor to guide the direction of its content — digital, print and beyond. (Outer space, perhaps?) 

So what are we looking for? You are an experienced editor with a future-forward approach. We don’t want someone to take us where we’ve been; be a part of shaping our future direction! You are a versatile writer and reporter who dances between the serious and the whimsical, ever conscious of the big picture. You’re also a diligent copyeditor and proofreader who will tweak and prod with joy.  You love games and play, but do not need to consider yourself a “gamer.”

You’ll be running our editorial ship. You’ll be writing, editing, and playing daily. You’re at home with creative culture of all kinds (not just games)—from art to music to architecture to technology—and know how to spot the connections between them.

Interested? Apply here.

Photo via Howistheanswer.