We’re launching a Kickstarter & it’s really awesome

Hello readers!

We have some big, exciting news to share with you.

We’re reinventing our magazine! You know, the version of this site that you can hold in your hands and put coffee mugs on and your dog can chew on. That thing.

Except, it’s not going to be just a print version of what you read here every day, and it’s not just more issues of the old magazine. We’re pulling out all the stops to bring our love of independent games to you, four times a year. Reported features and criticism, photo essays, lively front-of-book columns and tidbits, longform and totally-not-timely reads on our favorite old games: it’s going to be stuffed.

That is, if you can help us make it happen. We’re back on Kickstarter to raise $68,000 to bring this to life. It just won’t happen unless we have your support. We have an in-house photographer, graphic designer, project manager, two (two!) editors, and two business associates ready to work their little butts off to put this thing out on a quarterly schedule. We’ve already started work on our new publication, just take a look:

We just need people like you, people who like what we do and want to see us take it to a new level, to help us out.

There’s tons more info on our Kickstarter page.