We’re part of an amazing pay-what-you-want videogame story bundle!

Today, StoryBundle launched their newest collection of amazing work…and we’re a part of it. This one was curated by Simon Carless who brought in some of the most exciting and talented wordsmiths in the world of games. 

Everything is DRM-free and can be read on multiple devices including the Kindle and other e-readers. If you pay the minimum of $3, you’ll get two issues of Kill Screen and five other works including

  • The Making of Karateka by Jordan Mechner
  • Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood by Jamie Russell
  • Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson
  • Killing is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line by Brendan Keogh
  • Confessions of the Game Doctor by Bill Kunkel

Customers who spend more than $10 will receive three bonus books: The Making of Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner, Videogames: In the Beginning by Ralph Baer and 250 Indie Games You Must Play by Mike Rose. Pretty sweet!

If you bought everything, it’d be more than $100, so some great savings there. You can also contribute 10 percent of your purchase price to one of two charities, Mighty Writers or Girls Write Now. Act now. It’s for a limited time, until 3 a.m. ET on May 22.