What can doors tell us about gaming?

Have you ever really noticed how doors govern out interactions within a space? Points of entry are something we never really think about until we don’t have any-remember when you played The Sims as a kid and accidentally boxed one of your Sims into a room without any doors? 

Having two entrances can be convenient, especially when it’s raining-entering from the west side onto the tile keeps the wood floors dry. However, not everyone coming to the house knows there are two entrances. Visitors or delivery people knock on the door they perceive as the front door, and some choose the door up the stairs while others choose the door up the ramp. Their door choices may be influenced by the direction they take to get to the house; the door seen on approach might appear as the primary entry option.

In a way, this is exactly the type of stuff that game designers have to think of when creating a game: how do you get in and out of a map, and what unintended consequences do those points of entry create? Really makes you think.

-Drew Millard