What do the new Lego sets aimed at girls tell us about the sexes?

Lego has announced a new Lego line aimed at girls, and some folks on the internet are crying foul. (Imagine that!) A post on Jezebel called out the sets for dumbly stereotyping girls with “pink blocks” and a “Disney Princess” motif. The bits I found interesting, however, were the reasons why girls generally don’t go for traditional Legos.

Girls hated Lego’s iconic minifigure because it’s too boxy and they like to have a figure they can identify with. Girls told them, “I want to shrink down and be there.” The issue isn’t just the look of Lego sets. The researchers found that while boys focus on following the directions and getting the set together, girls like to take breaks throughout the process and start developing stories.

Also check out the original Business Week report, which goes over the company’s female-minded initiative in depth.

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-Jason Johnson