Half-Life 2 sure would be good-looking on modern hardware

These crisp and meticulously-rendered screenshots of the train station from Half-Life 2 titillate and tease. Just how gorgeous would Half-Life 3 look on modern hardware? Not like that’s going to happen, but from time to time its good to rub fresh salt in old wounds. 

The shots come to us courtesy of digital artist Jeannot “Logithx” van Berlo, who grabbed these images from his very lovely recreation of City 17 and posted them on the Polycount user forum, which is full of game artists pimping their stuff. 

What’s scary is he’s claiming that his architectural model will look even more perfect once he’s done porting it to Unreal Engine 4. It’s such an interesting Intenet we live in where fans like this guy and the fine people over at Dead End Thrills make more beautiful game art than the studios themselves.