What happens when a little girl "reinvents" chess?

Over at Geek Dad UK, a father mixes things up with his daughter and let’s her make up some of the rules. The results are exciting/inspiring:

Although inspired by her introduction to chess the day before, her game was fresh and creative — it was different in ways that an adult steeped in chess would be unlikely to trespass. There was a “doctor” piece who gives invulnerability to any adjacent piece; a “replacer” piece that, if landed upon, permits the team to trade an existing piece for a taken piece; and “civilian” pieces who have no power, but serve to impede movement.

So, on the one hand we have my daughter’s irreverence to a great institution (“bad girl!”). But on the other hand we have an innovation of her own (“good girl!”). And then it struck me: One of the keys to her inventiveness was her irreverence.