What happens when a husband and wife write to each other in Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Everything.

Saturday, June 1st (5:50 PM)

Dear Jamie,

So how was your first day in… What was your town called, again?


June 1st (6:56 PM)

Dear Jon,

My name is Momo, and the town is Spork! The first day was terrific. In fact, I managed to pay off my entire house loan and now I’m out of my tent! How are YOU doing on your loan? I’m still unsure of what my official mayoral duties will constitute. I guess only more time with my secretary will tell.


June 2nd (11:52 AM)

Hey Momo,

Forgive me—I forgot to properly introduce myself. I’m Cakes from Spatula. My neighbor Portia (she’s a beagle) doesn’t trust me yet; she keeps calling me ruffian. But I get it. Who am I to move in and take over this town when I have no experience, clothing, or memory of my past? Something about this place feels familiar, though…

My advice? Take off your shoes and socks and run through the grass. Feels so good! At least while it’s summertime.

Time to plant some Peach trees,

June 4th (11:13 AM)

P.S. No seriously. Take off your shoes and socks.


June 8th (6:51 PM)


Remember that guy we StreetPassed with on the subway? So he’s hanging out above my town with a band-aid on his cheek—very 2002—and you can pop into a facsimile of his house. Holy smokes this place is ridiculous! I feel like I should be emasculated, but then I remember one of his rooms comprised furniture made entirely from balloons. Still, my little shanty just won’t do. Time to dig up some gems.

It’s been awhile since your last message. I’m worried about you. And your town’s foliage. I sure hope you’re keeping your weed problem under control.


June 14th (3:08 PM)


Spork is growing! I finally started a public works project with the help of my secretary, Isabelle, today. Oh, if only “real life” accommodated me with such delightful helpers like that little pup. My townsfolk have an entire list of demands. A street lamp seemed most important to me. I don’t want Pinky the bear to get accosted by Fang the wolf on her way home at night, you know?

In response to your inquiry about my “weed problem,” I will have you know that Spork has no such issues. Despite the fact that I have still NOT HAD THE CHANCE TO BUY A WATERING CAN, AX, OR SLINGSHOT, I am able to clear the acne from my terrain with my own bare hands.

Take off your shoes and socks and run through the grass. Feels so good!

Pardon the caps lock, but I find the young Nookling’s store to be alarmingly small in selection. My former town in Animal Crossing: City Folk (you may recall that you do have a house in Miragia) had a towering department store filled with tools, plants, furniture and goods for purchase. These days I am stuck waiting for mere essentials for what seems like weeks on end.

Meanwhile, our StreetPass friend has a house that rivals presidential mansions, don’t you think? Sorry that you feel emasculated, but that could just be due to your “Amethyst shirt.” It does accentuate the twinkle in your eye, but does not scream buff and brawny, if you know what I mean.

Would you like to stop by Spork for a visit this evening? I could really use some donations for that street lamp. See Lloid the Gyroid. You’ll know him from his gyrations. That animated statue better be collecting some bells from the villagers, or I may have to set up a campaign in which I actually invite strangers into my town.

See you where the fishing is best!


June 14th (3:38 PM)

You’re a generous soul, building a street lamp to protect Little Miss Pinky. I constructed a cobblestone bridge just so I could reach the bank more quickly. Gotta pay off that loan-bear Tom Nook. Is it just me, or does he seem a tad thick in the mid-section? Hibernation has not treated his coat well.

Also, I hear you’re donating bugs and fossils to the museum, but do you know how much money you get if you sell them? Such a waste, those bones standing up for others to look at. Papa needs a Xylophone!

Anyway, sure, let’s hang out tonight. I’ve got a new shirt to show off. And this time, it won’t be my eyes that twinkle…

My Wi-Fi is turned on,

June 15th (9:34 AM)

Did you know that Pelly in the Post Office has PRESENTS to dole out? Yesterday, I was feeling quite blue about my lack of a watering can. I decided to send along a letter to the new guy in town, welcoming him with a balloon that yours truly gave me in the Model Homes Plaza. (Why do you keep handing me balloons? I have no idea what to do with all that orb-like latex!)

I talked to Pelly about taking my letter, and she told me I could check on a present. Lo and behold, she gave me quite a spectacular surprise! See my house for further reference. Think “leprechauns.”

What kind of items have you sold to get the most amount of bells? My Re-Tail store has a bulletin board that features an item every day. I sold at least three squid yesterday for top dollar.

Sorry that you feel emasculated…

One more thing: We had some construction take place on Main street in Spork. Nothing but hammering next door to our general store yesterday. And today, it has yielded the precise answer to my gardening woes! Come check it out later.

Spork’s stars shine for you,

June 15 (12:58 PM)

You gave me a balloon, too! Never thought a Nintendo game would enable two folks to trade long-distance latex. And it all seems so innocent.

I need to come over tonight. Hopefully we can find K.K. and hear some tunes together. If not, I’ve got a banana to plant in your garden.

Safety first,

June 17th (11:41 AM)


Last night’s trip to Spork was bittersweet. Is it weird that, when I get back on that train to return “home,” I miss hanging out with you, even as we sit on the same couch in our apartment? How can running around in a circle over your track-style carpeting inspire the kind of first-date glee we experienced over six years ago?

Okay, so playing Animal Crossing isn’t quite the same as drinking red wine and watching Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark. But both experiences leave you a bit woozy in the head; both are unpredictable; both inspire belief in a world filled with magic. Kind of like being married to you.

See you in the village,

June 17th (2:26 PM)


The fact that you gave your Animal Crossing character the name Cakes, the very nickname I gave you after the first time you made Saturday morning pancakes for me so many years ago, fills me with such joy! The sad tones of the music as your train pulled away from Spork’s station in the rain last night made me realize that virtual life (in addition to the “real world”) is much better with you in it. Please do make sure you keep up with your gardening in Spatula. I’ll admit to feeling that same magic when Spork’s dew covered flowers sparkled in the moonlight (they really did shimmer!). You made my one room cottage feel more like a home than it ever has.

I’ll be waiting for your train,