This is what Jet Grind Radio would look like if made by the French

Hover is like Jet Grind Radio without the rollerblades. It is plainly Jet Grind Radio Frenchified with the urban sport of parkour. They have replaced the inline skates with a grind-rail riding pair of feet. It’s all good because the cartoonish, purple and black city traced with pink electricity scintillating from your sneaks simply looks to die for as you leap and spin and do impossible flips. In the rivalry between traceurs and bladers, if there is such a thing, count this as a win for freestyle running.

The Kickstarter is just getting warmed up and already the goal is in sight, which goes to show that people really loved their Dreamcast.

*Note: Article has been corrected from the original, which said Jet Set Radio contained skateboards, not rollerblades.