What makes developers tick?

I missed this Edge gem from a while back. It has blurbs from 18 developers about why they make games. Some are a little romantic, but I can’t help but to get excited about games when I read them. Here is one from Ken Levine:

I make videogames because it’s difficult. We’re still figuring out how they work. What other job in the world combines the coolest parts of the creative (art, script writing, etcetera) with an engineering challenge that is evolving every day? I work with a team of superheroes.

It’s the most beautiful thing in the world to watch them solve problems. The most challenging creative tasks imaginable get thrown at videogame developers, and they figure it out. How much have movies evolved in the last 20 years? TV? Theatre? Now think how much videogames have evolved. I make videogames to be able to work with the people who made that happen.

Read them all here.