What is Phil Fish hiding in the Fez soundtrack?

If there’s one thing that Fez has taught me (in the limited time that I’ve played it) it’s that there’s always some other corner to turn, a new way of seeing things and another secret you can find. It’s more than just your typical hidden items though, there’s an unsolveable monolith puzzle and now it’s been found that even the game’s soundtrack is keeping some secrets of its own.

Geek.com‘s Sal Cangeloso revealed that if you take the files from the soundtrack (available here, pay what you want, at least 7 dollars) and look at them as a spectrogram, some interesting patterns begin to appear. A few are abstract shapes, one looks sort of like a cobra and another is a QR code (those black and white pixel images that have been used for social networks and marketing reently).

If you are curious, the QR code returns a string of dates:

1955 1958 1960 1961 1967 1969 1971 1977 2003 2005

So what does all this mean? I have no idea. All I know for sure now is that Phil Fish is a crazy person and if you’re someone that’s willing to chase him down his rabbit hole, good luck and godspeed. 

One thing I do love about this is that it caters to the kind of ravenous information-devouring our culture has grown accustomed to; without giving us straight answers, but giving us something to latch on to, Fish has made his game more than just exploration, it’s also discovery and, perhaps more compelling, decoding. It’s these layers that make the game something more. Even once you’ve finished it (and I hope to get around to that soon) there’s still more, much more, to do.

These kinds of mysteries bring people together, combining their efforts to try to make sense of something larger than themselves. But the lengths to which Fish has gone to hide away these bits of information has made me wonder: just what exactly is he hiding?