Debuting at the Super Bowl, "Slacklining" is Super Mario 3D Land IRL.

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, you undoubtedly saw some Will Ferrell lookalike jumping up and down on a rope in what might have been the craziest moment of a Super Bowl halftime show full of very crazy moments. It turns out that guy has a name, and it is not Ron Burgandy. Instead, it’s Andy Lewis, and he is a competitive slackliner. Slate has the full story on their site:

As you may have guessed, the Super Bowl halftime cameo was a big moment for the young sport of slacklining-and for the talented, curly-haired slackliner who got the spotlight: Andy Lewis, aka Sketchy Andy. If, like me, you had never heard of slacklining before, you may be surprised to learn that Sketch Andy has a sponsor: Gibbon Slacklines.

The sport is popular in Colorado, because of course it is. Those drawing comparisons to Super Mario 3D Land would not be off the mark. Mushroom jokes, etc.

-Drew Millard

[via Slate]