What would that Halo movie have looked like? Close your eyes and imagine

Remember the Halo movie? The one written by Alex Garland, produced by Peter Jackson, and directed by Neill “District 9” Blomkamp? Marty Sliva definitely does. Over at 1up, Silva closes his eyes and imagines what the movie – the script of which is widely available – would have looked like:

Despite sticking closely to the events of the game, the script does take a few moments to delve into Chief’s past and flesh out his character via reflections back on the Fall of Reach. Through the use of dreams that slowly transform into nightmares, Chief  and Cortana experience the event that shaped the hero of the series in emotional moments of catharsis. In these scenes, we witness Chief without his armor, which would certainly be a departure from the games. But as mentioned before, the script sticks closely to the story of Combat Evolved… ultimately culminating with our heroes racing a Warthog out of a structure set to blow and flying a Pelican into space as Halo crumbles behind them. It left just enough open to cement itself as the first act in an eventual cinematic trilogy.

Earlier today we speculated on a possible future of non-shitty videogame movies, and we hope that these come to pass. Reasonably good films made out of games could do a lot to boost thier cultural currency, and the Halo move could have been the first. It’s nearly touching to witness Sliva’s reanactment of the movie; this is well worth a read.

For a more complete history of the failure of the movie, head over to the Atlantic.