What would happen if you play StarCraft as a pacifist? An Occupy Wall Street protestor?

Dan Wilkerson may not consider himself a performance artist, but his role-playing on StarCraft II has a distinctly disruptive feel. Rather than engage in martial combat, Wilkerson adopts a role, ad libs the dialogue, and screen caps the result. This is basically Improv Everywhere for Terrans. Below two screens and read the rest of the “play” here.

Wilkerson is clearly a troll, but the most wonderful kind. Philosopher Johan Huizinga outlined in Homo Ludens why he’s a cheat who respects the game, not someone who’s trying to ruin things for everyone:

The player who trespasses against the rules or ignores them is a “spoil-sport.” The spoil-sport is not the same as the false player, the cheat; for the latter pretends to be playing the game and, on the face of it, still acknowledges the magic circle…the spoil-sport shatters the play-world itself. By withdrawing from the game he reveals the relativity and fragility of the play-world in which he had temporarily shut himself with others.