What would the dude in Lana Del Rey’s "Video Games" be like?

Hats off to SPIN’s Rob Harvilla, whose 1,300 word opus on Lana Del Rey’s new album Born to Die is the definitive document of the Del Rey Experience™. Especially impressive is his breakdown of the goofus Del Rey sings about in her hit “Video Games”:

It’s instructive to picture what this guy would actually look like IRL, some clown with a real emotional haircut, Crocs hanging off his feet, Urban Outfitters leather jacket hung over his IKEA futon, remnants of that Taco Bell burrito with the Fritos in it congregating at the corners of his mouth as he binges on Skyrim, blasts “Pumped Up Kicks” on infinite repeat, and gargles dozens of shots of, like, Goldschläger.

Well, there you have it. Is this guy really what Skyrim represents to the non-gaming community? Oh well. And if you ask my opinion, as far as major label faux-indie rock goes, you could do a whole lot worse than Born to Die. You could do a whole lot better, too, too, but at least “Video Games” holds up.

On a related note, Kill Screen editor Ryan Kuo recently went on a twitter rant against Del Rey. It’s reprinted below with his permission:


-Drew Millard


(To be fair, we did cover her in the Sound issue so….)