What’s beef? Hip hop and videogames collide

Friday’s news that Rockstar did not demonstably base GTA: San Andreas main character CJ on the appearance and life story of Cypress Hill backup singer Michael “Shagg” Washington (and that parent company Take Two was not liable) made us do several things. First, we listened to Insane in the Brain. Then, we listened to Insane in the Brain again.

Then, we started wondering about other rappers with legitimate beef against games for biting their style.

Toejam and Earl and Kid n’ Play

As we explained in a previous article, these two share strong goofball vibes.

Parappa the Rappa and Snoop Dogg

Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind, at least until a blazed-to-high-hell Snoop shows up, demanding answers and snacks.

50 Cent from Blood in the Sand and 50 Cent from 1999

Once upon a time, Fiddy was a hard-as-the-streets underdog who fantasized about robbing overpaid and overrated rap industry figures (“I’d Rob ODB, but that would be a waste of time” Seriously though, RIP Big Baby). Then he became one of those overpaid and overextended scrubs, as evidenced by his absurd turd of a shooter.