What’s news in games: humans, fantasy creatures sign peace deal, and more

Noteworthy developments in the worlds of gaming, gathered from Kill Screen stringers embedded in hotspots around the universe.

-The various races of the failed state Tyria signed a landmark ceasefire Monday. The humans, the norn, and the asura agreed that their decades of squabbling had distracted them from addressing more systemic issues, notably, evil dragons.

-A nine-year-old boy named William found himself transported to a strange new world on Tuesday. “Where am I,” the boy was heard to ask. “Mom? Dad? I’m afraid… these shadows… they’re approaching… How to stop them?” Experts predict he will have to face his deepest fears to avoid sinking into oblivion.

– – –

-Death, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, continued his campaign to clear the name of his brother, War, who was accused by the Charred Council, a prominent NGO, of initiating the apocalypse. Sources say Death also hopes his efforts will save mankind.

-Resurgent piracy spread from the Gulf of Aden to outer space, as a space mercenary, Keith T. Maxwell, was ambushed by space pirates. According to first responders, Maxwell was transported 35 years into the future, where he will meet a rascally ore trader named Gunant Breh, and embark on a series of thrilling adventures.

-Authorities reported a missing tourist, long assumed dead, has instead been murdering residents of a war-torn tropical island. Jason Brody, of Poughkeepsie, NY, has been seen sneaking, slashing, and detonating. According to local observers, he has “lost all sense of right and wrong.”