What’s the deal with pixels? Seinfeld meets videogames in these amazing music mashups

Techno artist and Youtuber SynaMaxMusic has done the unheard of—and unthought of: he has successfully combined instrumental sounds from the Seinfeld theme with beloved videogame music. Below we have a bass-slapping Seinfeldian tribute to the Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme:

Be sure to also check out his Seinfed/Zelda mashup, The Legend of Seinfeld: Ocarina of Nothing, done to the tune of Saria’s Song. But just for fun, SynaMaxMusic has also reversed the formula. His Goldeneye 007/Seinfeld mashup, or Goldenfeld, uses music and sound samples from the iconic FPS to reproduce the nihilistic sitcom’s theme tune: 

Tell me that doesn’t make you wish it were 1997 all over again. 

-Lana Polansky