Which Kickstarter games haven’t done their homework?

Today featured Kickstarter news both triumphant and tragic: the turn-based strategy game Alpha Colony missed its target funding ($50,000) by $28 and won’t be funded, while Sir, You Are Being Hunted more than doubled its target (40,000 pounds) and will be made. 

So the former will start over, or die, and the latter will be out next summer. Or will it? Lots of Kickstarter games make big headlines when they raise money, then set unreasonable deadlines for themselves which they fail to meet. Rock, Paper, Shotgun, has an extremely useful writeup of the big Kickstarter successes of the past few years from the already-released (FTL) to the question marks (Carmageddon: Reincarnation), so you can keep track of which games are still on schedule and which have work to do.