Super Retro Squad stars "Manny and Lanzo, two German miners" who "must rescue Princess Apricot."

Game developer Jay Pavlina, of Super Mario Bros. Crossover notoriety, is currently kickstarting a new game project called Super Retro Squad. Rather than borrowing characters directly, Pavlin says he is creating a new set of characters, including “Manny and Lanzo, two German miners” who “must rescue Princess Apricot.” 

Super Retro Squad is a 2D platformer that features characters inspired by classic video game characters. These characters will feature unique gameplay, but their core will be based on the originals. This way, you get something old and something new, and it’s all combined together for a fresh, fun experience.

The game will feature 40+ levels that will be spanned across 8 worlds. Each world will be based on one of the characters, so there will be plenty of variety found in the environments and enemies. There will also be an equipment and upgrade system that will allow you to customize your character’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. We also plan on tying everything together with a cool story that will be explained through dialog and cut scenes.

The game is being developed by the Exploding Rabbit team, led by Pavlina, and has already received over $15,000 in pledges. 

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