Why isn’t videogame cover design as amazing as book design?

Last week, we took a little field trip to the offices/gallery of AIGA, the professional association for design. They’re currently finishing up an amazing exhibition called 50 Books/50 Covers to identify and reward some of the best of book jacket design over the last couple years.  Aside from a nice spread of lovely designs (the particular hue of this book on artist Yves Klein makes the exhibit alone), it was a great love letter to the real value of books — their treatment as design objects.

Videogame covers have a long way to go and the rapid ascension of digital distribution is rendering the physical aspect of games obsolete. That’s a good thing for commerce (quicker access to games, better cuts for game designers), but hopefully it will push games into a more bespoke direction. Could you image something like McSweeney’s 36 (below) for your favorite videogame?

-Jamin Warren