Why wouldn’t you help Bill Nye the Science Guy make a game about flying?

Look, I’ve got a soft spot for Bill Nye. We went to the same school. He spoke there once when I was eleven or twelve and he was goofy and had a bowtie and owned it. The Science Guy years were magical, of course, and much less codedly hostile than Mr. Wizard. Since then, Bill Nye has basically been chilling in the cut, sometimes getting into cool bets with Ed Begley, Jr., and being a big baseball fan.

America doesn’t knight people – I think they can make you part of the order of Hulk Hogan – but if they did, Nye would certainly deserve it. And now, he wants to make a videogame, because obviously. The game, which is being made in conjunction with GameDesk, is called AERO 3D and it will explain how bird flight works. Here’s one feature of the game that I bet Bill Nye is particularly stoked on:

We created a air molecule viewer so players can understand the relationship of air particles around the wing and how this relationship informs the bird’s direction.

Anyhow, the game looks super sweet, and if you feel the same way you can contribute to the $100,000 funding goal on Kickstarter. It’s cell-shaded and pretty and have you even looked at a kid recently? They’re clearly getting dumber; they need this. Can you explain how bird flight works? That’s what I thought. You need this. Bill Nye needs this. Let’s do it.