Will no one play World of Warcraft with Gamer Mom?

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Conversation is a kind of game, with unwritten rules and a spectrum of success if persuasion is part of the angle. Individuals with Asperger’s don’t have the intuitive knowledge it takes to “just talk.” Often, they form explicit rule sets to help them understand what is socially acceptable.

Mordechai Buckman self-identifies as an “Asperger type” and his attentiveness to rules in conversation led his latest game, with art by Kyler Kelly: Gamer MomThe game seeks to replicate the frustration and capriciousness of everyday persuasion within a family, although there is a win condition. Friends and romance interests already have their place in games, but family remains an underrepresented subject. Perhaps Gamer Mom will encourage more game designers to look at what makes families lovable and frustrating. 

[via Gamer Mom