Witchmarsh lets you hack-n-slash while pretending to learn about US history

Massachusetts in the Roaring ‘20s wasn’t just a place for drinking fermented cider beside the bonfire in waistcoats and coattails, apparently. It was also the perfect setting for the pixel-arty, grind-heavy, loot-filled, side-scrolling RPGs Witchmarsh. At least that’s what history according to videogames crowdfunded on Kickstarter taught me, which is, for the record, the most fun but least accurate way to learn history.

Witchmarsh looks to be a solidly put-together little production, with thematic touches of swing dancing and Victorian New England. But perhaps it’s the action that looks most intriguing, seeming to blend the collect-athoning from Iga’s Castlevanias with, according to the dev, Baldur’s Gate RPGing, and some good ol’ Huck Finn-reminiscent train-hopping.