With growing memory enhancement in technology, how will we adapt to challenge?

With so many advances in memory storage, it is reasonable to wonder whether we’ll ever forget anymore. From daunting Facebook timelines to the iCal reminder function to USB drives galore, you’d think everyone would be equipped with flawless robotic memory. Well, we’re coming close to it anyway. 

An article from Slate discusses the “extended mind” thesis, an idea that proposes we consider our devices (iPads, iPhones, consoles, etc.) as part of our thinking mind. Moreover, the material and data present within these sources not only prompt memory but also acts as memory. Transhumanists, those that believe that human bodies will eventually merge medically with machines, are particularly confident that the day will come when we have perfect memory.

Really, the nature of memory itself is undergoing critical change as technology becomes closer to our own physical minds. Remember when Wikipedia went offline for day? I bet you had at least one unanswered question that day. 

But the question we have to ask is, what will this do for gaming? Will we still be able to learn from the mistakes of a game? It’d surely help with learning maps and timing attacks, but would games even be fun or advantageous anymore? 

– Lyndsey Edelman