Wonderputt is an enchanting blend of mini golf and Rube Goldberg.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of indie games these days. At this year’s Independent Games Festival, I found myself treading water when I came across Brighton-based dev Reece Millidge who was nominated for Excellence in Visual Art. It’s a smaller category, but one of my favorites. I’m fan of aesthetics for games and the art-style often seems like an afterthought even with uninhibited indies.

Millidge’s title was Wonderputt and if it reminds you of those popular Flash mini golf ads that Orbitz produced in the early aughts, it should and it’s just as captivating. Sports games have been popular with young devs looking for ways to augment traditional experiences and stereotypes and since mini golf is one of my life’s treasures, Wonderputt is dazzling homage.

It’s rare to think about sports games from the context of level design, but Millidge’s title pulls directly from the permutation that is mini golf. Each section unfolds to unveil new wonders -a farm turns into a ski slope which turns into pond which turns into a pond. Moreover, much like Luigi’s Mansion, Millidge’s economy of space is laudable. Rather than turning each new section into the centerpiece, you’re able to watch the entire floating island unfold like a pop-up book.

Now available for iOS, Wonderputt is a dazzling new edition to your app collection.