The world of Else Heart.Break() is yours to hack

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Else Heart.Break() (PC, Mac, Linux

BY Erik Svedang

Life kinda sucks until you find out you can hack the world. That’s been the through line of a lot of cyberpunk and hacker fiction over the years. Else Heart.Break() doesn’t depart from this generalization but it does draw you into it more than ever before. You point-and-click Sebastian around an old European town until you discover its underground subculture of hackers. It’s then that you acquire a tool that lets you manipulate the code of everyday objects. Everything from coffee cups to sliding doors can be hacked into and altered. But hacking in Else Heart.Break() isn’t half-hearted. You’ll have to learn an actual coding language to succeed. Yes, it can be testing, but the reward is an immense satisfaction. You’ll never forget that time you worked out how to essentially get access to infinite money.

Perfect for: Adventure game lovers, coders, ravers 

Playtime: 10-15 hours