World of Warcraft player is the "in-game eyes" of his blind friend.

Even though Ben Shaw “suffered multiple shrapnel wounds and had to have both of his eyes surgically removed” while serving in Iraq, he is still an active World of Warcraft player, thanks to his own determination and the constant assistance of his fellow guild member. An interview at WoW Insider told how this unusual relationship worked.

So how do you actually guide and facilitate Ben’s gameplay?

My role to Ben is that I play as his in-game eyes, using the follow function put into a macro he can tab through the group and target and follow me. … Every encounter, Ben is using a series of macros (e.g., target of target) to play his way through the game. Everything from boss fights to a simple repair goes through me. An example of this is the drakes in Dragon Soul that take you out to Warlord Zon’ozz and Yor’sahj. I have to first target them for Ben to interact with my target to take the flight out before I can.

Now that’s what I call friendship!

-Jason Johnson

[via WoW Insider]