The world is okay and here is a cat you can tease with yarn

Life is a brutal slog. You spend the majority of your waking hours working, and spend the remainder recovering from the toxic effects of that work. Your body is constantly deteriorating, unless you are like a little kid, in which case, I have this to say: it is all downhill from here, bub. The planet on which you are oscillating between work and nonwork is literally dying. From a cosmic perspective, the human race is merely being obstinate.

And yet. We wake up. We find meaning in the work. We build families, and the families help each other. We wend our wounded bodies toward beautiful things. There is food out there that is so good you cannot believe it, for example. We build incredible things. There are self-driving cars! If nothing else, this is our meaning: to create wonder, to fill our time with meaningful work, to yield, in our meager existences, something substantial, something beautiful. 

You can tease the cat with yarn, and it is good. 

What I am saying is that here is a voxel-based cat that you can dangle yarn in front of. She will watch you move your mouse around and she will raise her little paw expectantly and try to get that yarn. You can tease the cat with yarn, and it is good. A list of other facts about the cat:

* The cat’s tail is long and it never stays still. 
* The cat will prioritize one paw for a period of time—left only, for example—then switch. 
* The yarn is very stretchy—try going quickly from the right to the left. Wow!
* The cat’s neck is red. It looks like a bowtie, or a goiter. 
* If you put the yarn on the ground, the cat will make it bounce. 
* The cat blinks.
* The cat does not grow hungry and does not sleep.
* The underside of the cat’s paw is pink. 

I encourage you to play with the cat yourself. Today is a day that you are on this earth, and it is okay.