World of Warcraft’s top guild quits, SimCity’s missing parking lots, and the art of Francis Bacon

“Unfortunately we pushed too hard. Tier after tier we just keep adding to the insanity in both farming preparations and actual progressing. It’s almost as if progression itself never really ends.” A member of World of Warcraft’s top guild on why they called it quits.

The Atlantic delivers an interview with SimCity’s lead designer, and gets to the bottom of what happened to all the parking lots in the game once and for all. It turns out the Earth is covered in those things and it doesn’t make for eloquent play. 

We thought no torso could be more disturbing than the Dead Island: Riptide bikini zombie torso. This ex-girlfriend shooting target proved us wrong. Thanks, world. 

Hmm…Now that you mention it, those demented fetuses from Silent Hill do look a lot like the paintings of Francis Bacon.

Dungeons & Dragons has changed tremendously since ye old days in the basement, ahem, oubliette. Boing Boing examines the Old School Renaissance.

Indie games’ resident dominatrix Anna Anthropy tells us why Bioshock Infinite is empathy challenged, along with the rest of mainstream games. 

The creator of That Dragon, Cancer writes about the crushing difficulties of making a game about his son who has terminal cancer. Met him before. He’s a really nice guy. 

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