Xbox is coming, the zen of Tim Duncan, and the Portal cake is real

Clear your calendar. Cancel your vacation. Take the day off from work. The next Xbox will be revealed May 21st! 

This is real, and kind of amazing. Grantland tells us how Tim Duncan’s hook shot is a lot like the Playstation classic Bushido Blade. Please God someone knock the Spurs out of the playoffs.

Our good pal Yannick digs in deep on the news of the week: There may or may not be an actual Portal cake.

True story. I bought a 360 instead of an PS3 because I wanted to play Deadly Premonition, and never regretted it… until now. The Director’s Cut will spite me.

Gamasutra has posted the #1ReasonToBe panel from GDC. You should watch this. Inclusiveness FTW.

Jeff Minter, the game developer who lives on a goat farm, and who makes awesome shoot’em-ups, is bringing TxK, the unofficial sequel to Tempest 2000, to Vita later this year. I guess more people have one of them than an Atari Jaguar… maybe?

Right Here, Nowhere is what I always imaged Chiba City to look like. That or my Trapper Keeper from 3rd grade. 

The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum lets visitors decide if the administrations’ hands-off approach post-Hurricane Katrina was a good idea. Cue Kanye West.