The yarn-filled trailer for Unravel is sew adorable

You might remember Yarny from E3, when he made us wonder whether all videogames would eventually get Etsy-fied. Or you might remember his creator, Martin Sahlin, who was one of the few presenters at E3 who passed our fashion police‘s standards with flying colors (well, mainly just two colors: green and denim). Now, everyone’s favorite plucky yarn dude is back in a Gamescom preview, and we just cotton believe how adorable he continues to be (note: all yarn puns will be heretofore italicized for clarity’s sake and to ensure you fully grasp their comedic brilliance).

Needle I say more? 

The preview shows a little more of Yarny’s world, which was inspired by the scenic landscapes of his creators’ Swedish countryside. As the patchwork protagonist makes his way down into the sea, one cannot help but worry about his wool being. Such a tiny creature against such threadening waves?! But as Sahlin assures the crowd, overcoming failure is a big part of the player’s journey throughout Unravel. No matter the odds, Yarny will not quilt! By using his thread and collecting more along the way, he can crotchet (does that one even count as a pun?) bridges, pulley systems, and even tiny little bird figurines. Needle I say more?

Well, I won’t. Because I’m all out of puns. Watch Yarny unravel for yourself below: