Yeasayer leaks own album, calls it a scavenger hunt.

When the Brooklyn-based, band-of-electro-brothers Yeasayer received word that their album was on “the verge of…being leaked through the cracks of the digital universe,” they spread their own tendrils into that digital universe to co-opt illegal trafficking by—for lack of a better word—gamifying the album’s promotion. With songs supplemented by video-artist Yoshi Sodeoka, the band challenged fans to scavenge for the songs just like torrenters scavenge for aggregated mp3 fragments. Animal New York is up on the race:

The first, “Blue Paper,” debuted on Wired’s Underwire blog this morning, and ravenous Yeasayer fans have already uncovered a few more. Here’s a playlist of the tracks that have been uncovered so far, if you’re too lazy to do the hunting yourself.

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