You Don’t Know Jack is coming to iOS; Know-it-alls in my family will be put on blast

My older sister and I didn’t have a particularly competitive relationship, and that’s not just because I’m better at everything than her (Hi Sara!). There was one area in which we were at each other’s throats, however, and it had nothing to do with school or sports or parental affection. That area was You Don’t Know Jack. The 1995 computer trivia game, presented in the form of a television game show, prompted epic, hours-long play sessions, to the point where we knew almost every question and the game was a pure test of buzzer-speed. I spent hours tooling around in old versions of Microsoft Encarta trying to soak up what knowledge I could – anything for an edge.

The game was perfect for fact-sponges like us, and the writing – still pretty darn witty today – was actually funny. Why am I telling you this? The game is coming to iOS and Android “in the very near future“, so future generations of precocious children can crowd around their future-tablets for bragging rights. See you over the holidays, big sis.