YouTube 3D demoes Mariano Rivera’s cutter pitch, turns inside baseball inside-out.

Implement this into next year’s baseball sim: The New York Times’ detailed 3D map of one of baseball’s most confouding pitches–Mariano Rivera’s cutter.

Thankfully, Youtube offers the historical gamut of 3D technologies and styles, including the old fashion naked eye(s). So if you humble yourself in the good old second dimension, choose the “no glasses” setting and stare direclty at your display. Cross your eyes, and focus on the middle.

YouTube has a new 3D feature that allows you to upload the left and right eyes for a 3D video, while their compositing algorithms combine them into a variety of 3D formats that the viewer can choose from (anaglyph, interlaced, etc.). So if you have a 3D enabled monitor, you can now watch 3D YouTube videos in full color.

The New York Times YouTube channel is now hosting the Mariano Rivera pitching graphic as our first YouTube 3D video.

[via Graham Roberts]