The latest track blowing up clubs is a surprisingly heavy remix of a Zelda song

It took Vine by storm a couple weeks ago, this short clip published by IGF chairman Brandon Boyer from DJ Qrion‘s show, garnering over 9.6 million loops (and counting). The track even got its own physics-defying dance moves for you to attempt while jamming out.

Then DJ/music producer/general remix-guru Ryan Hemsworth started bringing it to his shows, making this Kokiri mash-up of “Bandz That Make Her Dance” the latest craze to make you pop your booty to the beat of childhood nostalgia.

Though it was created by the lesser known (yet still promising) DJ so creatively named Hitmane, the popularity of the mash-up along with Ryan Hemsworth himself is evidence of just how much videogame scores are influencing mainstream music. Last summer, Scottish producer Rustie released an entire LP via an 8-bit adventure game Green Language. Even Lil Wayne sampled a Sword & Sworcery track, collaborating with Superbrothers studio in the creation of his 2011 song “She Will.”

“so much emotion from a ballad written by a squeaking, computer-animated dog” 

In 2013, Ryan Hemsworth released a track to the tribute album celebrating Yasunori Mitsuda (composer of Chrono Trigger and Kid Icarus: Uprising) with what’s known as “8-bit trap music.” Last year, he interviewed video game composer David Wise (Donkey Kong Country series) with the kind of awe and respect usually reserved for the likes of John Williams. In Complex Magazine, Hemsworth listed his top 7 videogame tracks, detailing how each became an incredible inspiration to his work today. From Resident Evil to Final Fantasy, Hemsworth explains how you don’t have to be good at games or even an avid player to appreciate the awesomeness of videogame soundtracks.

While expressing his love for Animal Crossing‘s opening track “Steep Hill,” Hemsworth asked, “Why do I feel so much emotion from a ballad written by a squeaking, computer-animated dog singing gibberish lyrics? The weird midi guitar falls perfectly in out and out of key, and when that whistle comes in. Ooh, my heart. ‘Those industry fat cats try to put a price on my music, but it wants to be free.'”

You keep sticking it to the man, K.K. Slider! We’ll continue to liberate pop music with freedom-loving videogames by downloding Hitmane’s Kokirimix for free over on his Soundcloud


CORRECTION: This article originally missed the talented DJ Qrion‘s involvement in blowing up the Vine by actually playing the mix at her show. Also corrected: Hemsworth only contributed tracks to the Mitsuda tribute album compiled by Lefse.