The Collage Atlas

Get your eyes all over the hand-drawn world of The Collage Atlas

The paper illustrated world of John Evelyn’s The Collage Atlas looks a lot like a Victorian parkscape as envisioned by A-Ha. But Evelyn, a UK-based illustrator and game creator, is looking to invite players into his hand-drawn world and perhaps share with them an interesting experience tinged with a little nostalgia, and maybe even a little sadness. “Even as adults we still see fairy tale scenes when we allow our minds to wander—those trees that look like giants, and those clouds that look like shoals of fish,” Evelyn said. Drawing from these natural observations, Evelyn is creating a puzzle game…

Close Your

A videogame about life that takes “blink and you’ll miss it” literally

After winning the IGF Award for Best Student Game in 2015, Will Hellwarth and the team at GoodbyeWorld Games have been slowly expanding the scope of their experimental game, Close Your. The team recently launched a Kickstarter to help fund their ambitious vision for a game that’s already drawn considerable attention for its unique storytelling tool. Close Your is a narrative-driven game about the life of a man. Only, the game utilizes the player’s webcam to track their eye movement to tell their story. Each time the player blinks, the game jumps forward in time. With each blink, a person…

Ghost of a Tale

Go on a mousey adventure brought to life by a DreamWorks animator

There’s something classically European about animal heroes. It’s why Ghost of a Tale looks and feels classical in the first place. From Aesop’s Fables to the golden age of Disney animation, cute and brave animals have been at the center of heroic adventure stories. Ghost of a Tale asks the player to become that animal hero. “It’s a dangerous world out there for a little mouse…” begins the game’s trailer. The third-person adventure game has the player navigating a dangerous medieval island as Tilo the mouse, who has been imprisoned there by the rats. The shadowy atmosphere is a purposeful…

Flat Heroes

Flat Heroes turns elegance into a deadly weapon

Flat Heroes is a game about squares in motion, literally. Flat Heroes is a multiplayer-focused game, one that has you controlling dynamic squares that move around a stage, dodging bullets until you can strategically rid the screen of enemies (preferably, all at once). The survival mode can be played with up to four players, either cooperatively or in a versus mode. It’s a simple premise that echoes other games like N++ (2015). But there’s a lot of cool tech running the scenes behind the flat curtain. the feeling of controlling the little square felt so great All the art in…


A new biomechanical fantasy for the curiosities of children and adults alike

What is the art that sticks with us as children? Is it the pleasant ones? The ones that are comforting and safe? Or are they the strange ones? The ones that first expose us to to a world beyond the pre-approved bubble of sanctioned entertainment? In a time when getting media to everyone—including children—is easier than ever, Danish artist Malte Burup took the opportunity to craft an interactive children’s book that could be both challenging and entertaining. Titled Sofus and the Moonmachine, his storybook is a chance to deliver a quality app for children without compromising his vision for a living,…


Videogames and Tarantino: A mistaken love affair

Whether you like his work or not, Tarantino has a grip over the collective imagination many creators can only live out in their dreams. Take this year’s The Hateful Eight for instance. So much attention has been given to the mere possibility of a new Tarantino project that the film’s first script was leaked, the early screener pirated, and later, the pirates even apologized for releasing the film early because they admired it so much. Despite all that, the three-hour long The Hateful Eight managed to convince people to fill theater seats and watch a film in an antiquated format…