Doom mod lets you hangout with the cast of Seinfeld

Here’s something you probably know: Doom II (1994) and Seinfeld (1989-1998) are both pieces of popular culture released in the 1990s. They both had huge audiences and now two decades later, they are still as well known as they were when Bill Clinton was in office. In fact, this year’s Doom was released to great reviews. And you can probably turn TBS on right now and catch an episode of Seinfeld. But here’s something you probably don’t know: Doom and Seinfeld have now been coupled. Yes, thanks to the work of Doug Keener, it is now possible to explore Jerry’s famous apartment in Doom…

Morphies Law

Morphies Law, a ridiculous shooter about growing and shrinking body parts

Morphies Law is a strange name for a strange game. It seems reasonable that the trailer for the game would also be bizarre (make sure you watch it below). It’s a game about shooting people and in doing so, shrinking the body parts you hit. And while they shrink, you grow. So, if you shoot someone in the legs, their legs will become smaller and your legs will become bigger. Interestingly, the origin of Morphies Law involves the theory of evolution and Grim Fandango (1998). I doubt Charles Darwin and Tim Schafer ever imagined something like Morphies Law spawning off the back…


A real-life table version of Atari’s Pong is on the way

Pong (1972) is such a simple game. Almost any person could draw it on a piece of paper if prompted. Two tall blocks, a smaller square, and a few lines—that’s Pong. That’s why recreating the classic arcade game in the real world requires a little more effort for it to stand out. And that’s exactly what Daniel Perdomo dedicated two years of his life towards. Perdomo created a large, real-life Pong table, kinda like one of those air hockey tables, but with a bit more engineering behind it. “It all started as a challenge for fun. Like a hobby in my free time,” Perdomo…


Negotiator, a game about dealing with terrorism and online harassment

If you’ve watched enough movies or TV you would have seen a hostage situation. And almost every hostage situation involves a negotiator. Someone who is there to try and defuse the situation, hopefully with words instead of bullets. Negotiator from 4PM Games is going to let you step into the shoes of one of those hostage negotiators. And it won’t be easy. One mistake and you could be the cause of someone losing their life. “I have always wanted to recreate the feeling of static tension, present in hostage situations,” explained Bojan Brbora, founder of 4PM Games and creator of…

MalariaSpot Bubbles

Using videogames to fight against the world’s nastiest diseases

Viruses and diseases in videogames are usually the kind that turn you or others into a zombie. the Resident Evil franchise has over a dozen different viruses that all turn you into a dangerous mutant. The Last of Us (2013) had a virus that destroyed the world and caused some people to become mushroom-faced monsters. Few games focus on real world viruses. And even fewer games allow you to help fight those real world diseases. MalariaSpot Bubbles does both. MalariaSpot Bubbles is a game created by a research group at the Technical University of Madrid. The game is part of…


Nostation, a game inspired by late-night train rides across China

In China, years ago, Bubble is riding a train late at night. “In the [past] the train was slow and dirty, it [would] take a long time to arrive at the destination,” they say. Bubble is far away from home and the train is almost entirely empty. “Just me alone,” Bubble tells me while recalling the memory. “Probably at 2 a.m. I opened the window and looked out, it [was] a fantastic feeling.” Bubble can’t describe the feeling further than that, other than saying it wasn’t loneliness, and it wasn’t fear, it was something else. The experience left a deep…

Southern Monsters

Southern Monsters, an upcoming game about living with disability

The southern forests of the United States are filled with stories of strange creatures. Tales of monsters. Things that look like a man, but too big and covered in too much hair to be a man. For some, the idea of these creatures draws them to search for these monsters. They explore the thick woods, looking for anything that will finally prove what they believe. And if they don’t find it—and they usually don’t—they go back out and keep hunting. But for the main character of Southern Monsters this isn’t an option. The character you’ll play as in this narrative…

Racing Apex

Racing Apex, the car combat game made to honor your memories of the ’90s

Trevor Ley is looking to the past. Those times, as a kid, when he played arcade racers. Virtua Racing (1992) was a big one for him. He laments that this style of racing game has gone out of fashion. He sees most racers these days emphasizing simulation and realism. That, or they’re trying to be edgy and grimy, imploring us to engage with criminality and spray paint stylized decals across bonnets. Ley is the founder of Lucky Mountain Games and is currently making his own arcade racer called Racing Apex, which is up on Kickstarter. As with a couple of other studios,…


Gunkatana introduces a lightning-fast bloodsport to cyberpunk

What should you do when mega-corporations control everything? If you look to movies, books and television for ideas, you should stand up and fight. Start a revolution or join an already existing one. But the citizens of upcoming top-down, multiplayer action game Gunkantana have lost hope. Instead of fighting back, they’ve set up death arenas in places like strip-clubs where they brutally kill each other for sport. It’s a cyberpunk future filled with bloody swords, laser guns, and rails on which to grind. “Two years ago, the Loading Bar, a videogame-infused pub, hosted the Multiclash event, dedicated exclusively to local…