Kill Screen High Scores FAQ


Welcome to the Kill Screen High Scores FAQ, where we will answer all of the questions we get about what counts, what doesn’t, and what the hell, anyway.

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Q. I want to vote for a DeathSpank game, but there are two DeathSpank games. I’m scared people are going to split the vote.  Really scared.  What should I do?

A. We have decided to count both games as one entry, to prevent a case where the votes are split.  Just vote for DeathSpank.


Q. I would like to vote for Minecraft.  However, it’s only at Alpha.  Does it count?

A. We’ll accept votes for any game that came out this year and is freely accessible to the public.  Everyone can log in, plunk down their money, and play Minecraft, so we’ll allow it.


Q. I had the chance to play Independent Games Festival-winner Monaco at the GDC (or in the process of voting for it, or because the creator’s your neighbor, or whatever).  Can I vote for Monaco?  It won the IGF!

A. Monaco isn’t getting a public release this year, so sorry, it doesn’t qualify. 


Q. You set the dividing line between the two lists at exactly $30.  But Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is $29.99.  Should it go on the list with the “smaller” games?

A. Shrinkwrapped DS titles that are at or around the $30 mark can go on the “blockbusters and full releases” list on the left. See, we set the bar at $30 because it marked an easy line between the full commercial releases and the smaller, indie/free-to-play/mobile titles.  Almost no games cost $30.  But obviously, there are a few games that do cost $30, and generally they belong in the “blockbusters and full releases” list.


Q. Do Facebook games count?  Which list do I put them on?  I know that they’re free to play, but I spent $500 in microtransactions last month and my spouse is leaving me, so should I put that in the “over $30” list?

A. Facebook games count. But because you can generally play them for free, they go in the “under $30” list.


Q. Can I vote for Farmville?

A. That’s between you and your god.


Q. I want to vote for a game that came out last year, but got ported to the iPod/XBLA/whatever in 2010.  Can I vote for it this year? 

A. We’d prefer not to see votes for ports, unless the port is a substantial rewrite of the original, or in some other way represents a significant new release.  Cave Story on the Wii counts as a 2010 release, but we’re inclined to think that Plants vs. Zombies on the iPhone does not.