Broken Breakout

Broken Breakout?

Tim Garbos
Browser, Mac, Windows
Tim Garbos
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One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. That’s how the old adage goes. But can it be applied to videogames? Tim Garbos seems to have set out on a solo mission to prove that it can with his Ludum Dare 37 entry Broken Breakout? The game follows the same rules as the Atari arcade classic but takes away some of the mechanics. For starters, the bat is immovable and the ball isn’t perpetually bouncing around. But what you can do in this version of the game is move the window the game sits in. Through this means you can use the game’s physics to nudge the ball up to hit the bricks. It’s a lesson in how breaking a game might lead to the invention of another one, or at least a new way of playing an old one.

Perfect for: Arcade addicts, oldies, game designers

Playtime: 10 minutes