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Ancient murals on the walls of Pavilion‘s labyrinth depict you as an all-seeing eye and a huge hand from the sky—you are both. Able to see the path through the maze and interact with certain objects, your task is to guide a man from one area to the next. You do this partly by appealing to his instincts: he’s attracted to the heat of open fire, scared of the dark, and follows the chimes of bells. Later, you manipulate the environment itself, pushing large cubes out of his path and driving him across a railroad. Where you are taking this man is unknown; the game is without words. But there’s a woman that you chase and a house that you return to, all of it suggesting that the maze is a manifestation of the man’s psyche. The dreamlike quality of the aged architecture, which freely mixes baroque panels and Ancient Greek statues, only deepens the mystery.