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Some games and educational apps try to ease you into the art of writing code. SHENZEN I/O isn’t so soft. It’s a throwback to the 1980s, when there wasn’t much so media geared towards teaching people how to code. Hence, it begins its lessons by throwing a hefty manual (which you can print out) and a number of circuit-based challenges at you, and then leaves you to figure it out. There’s a little bit of guidance at first but it’s experimentation and intuition that will see you advance for the most part. If you can stick with it, and you really should, then you should manage to surprise yourself. There’s nothing quite like being sat in front of a piece of code for half an hour and then, on a whim, you try a new mix of commands and suddenly it all works.

Perfect for: coders, wannabe programmers, science teachers

Playtime: 10+ hours