Sonic Dreams Collection

Arcane Kids
Mac, PC
Play Time:

One of the most unwieldy videogame fanbases has met its match in Sonic Dreams Collection. Building upon the classic franchise’s already sky high fan-made mythology, Sonic Dreams Collection claims to be the leaked files from never before seen Sonic SEGA games. Created by Arcane Kids, the same group who brought you the hellish delights of Pokémon Millennial Edition, these hot new “leaks” include a Sonic body distorter, a sexually disturbed movie maker, a torrid Sonic lover affair/roommate simulator, and an Eggman game you can only play by hacking the super hacker files themselves. Even the website feeds into the mythos, requiring the password “grandpa” to even enter and a url ( that sounds like the latest erotic fanfiction sex trend. Sonic Dreams Collection promises to take up more of your day than you’re probably comfortable with, and soil your childhood memories with adult grossness. 

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