El Hijo

El Hijo could be the spaghetti-western of your dreams

A man in black, little more than an extension of the flat shadow of the umbrella he carries, rides across an open desert. On his saddle sits a naked boy—a wide brimmed hat his only protection against the burning sun. The pair stop at a post, a marker, and the man places the boy on the sand. “You are seven today. You are a man now,” he tells his son. “Bury your first toy and the portrait of your mother.” This is how Alejandro’s Jodorowsky’s infamous surrealist western, El Topo (1970) begins. This moment of becoming prefaces a spiritual journey for both…


The terror of surrealist films stripped down to a traumatizing bone

Frank wakes up covered in blood and I may never sleep again. Game developer Daniil Ermakov, also known as Da Neel, combines the horrors of cult surrealist directors David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky and produces a mish-mash of terror and humor in the face of human trauma. A Box Full of Joy is a surreal adventure story where you play as Frank and, through the poetic justice of the story and plot, you learn absolutely nothing. It perfectly emulates works like Jodorowsky’s fantasy The Holy Mountain and Lynch’s psychological thriller Lost Highway. While a lot of games evoke these director’s…


Tangiers is the game Alejandro Jodorowsky would make

Except it’s not set in Mexico. And there’s not blood splattered over everything. And it seems to lack very many disturbing caricatures of insanity, except for that strange bird-fellow with pencil legs.  OK, that’s a lot of exceptions. But my point is, some new photographs of Tangiers have been released, and they’re reminiscent of the beautiful, dadaist dust bowl that Jodorowsky shot in his acid western El Topo. This is great, because when is the last time you can honestly say you compared a game to El Topo? That’s what I thought. Just goes to show the project is looking…