The team that made Botanicula teases its next game

Amanita Design has teased its next game after this year’s brilliant adventure, Samorost 3. It’s called Chuchel and is being created by the team that made bucolic tree-friends adventure Botanicula (2012), including director Jaromír Plachý and the Czech band Dva, who have provided the music. It’s due out in the second half of 2017. The teaser trailer for Chuchel is in black and white and shows a blobby creature with stubby legs and a tail quivering with fear under a spotlight. The reason for that would appear to be a large, menacing hand that is likely coming to pick it up and do god…

Samorost 3 Cosmic Box

Samorost 3’s physical version brings the game’s world closer to you

It’s only right that sci-fi point-and-clicker Samorost 3 gets a physical version. It’s a game that emphasizes tactility through its biological textures: from the gnarled knots of a planet made of tree bark to the soft sprigs of moss on one of its greener planets. The “Samorost 3 Cosmic Box” addresses this absence by giving you things you can hold in your hand alongside your purchase of the game. Available now for $50, the Cosmic Box’s cloth-covered box has been partly hand-made (the rest handled by machines) in the Czech Republic. This is where the game’s creators at Amanita Design live,…

Samorost 3

Samorost 3’s fairy tale of microbiology is now on iPhone

Samorost 3 is a game that cares about the tiniest organisms on the planet. It’s made of them: curious bugs that harvest moss, fungi blown up to the size of three-story houses, tree knots as gargantuan as an abyss. It seems fitting then, that Samorost 3 is now available on iPhone and iPad; smaller screens than the desktop PCs it was released on back in March this year, and screens that let you prod its world with your finger rather than a computer mouse. The game is a fairy tale of microbiology, inspired by Jakub Dvorský’s love of poking his face…


The adventure game you don’t want to miss

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Samorost 3 (PC, Mac) AMANITA DESIGN Music, nature, and animation come together as one in Samorost 3. Yes, perhaps more so than in many other videogames. Your cursor doesn’t just point-and-click, it ruffles bushes, causes alarm to sleeping birds, and picks mushrooms. It’s your entry into a tangible universe, split across several planets and moons, all of it woven together by photographs, wood sounds, and hand-animated dream sequences. Your direct task is to help a space gnome return a flute that dropped from the sky to…


Samorost 3 is the best adventure game in years

In a cabin near Walker’s Lake, in Mississippi, there’s a piece of driftwood that looks almost like a wolf’s head. From another angle, it appears as some bizarre sailing vessel, and from another still, it has the look of an alien weapon—perhaps a hybrid of a gun and a club. I remember turning it over in my hands as a child, curious as to why anyone would place an oddly-shaped piece of wood on a table as a decorative object. I hadn’t thought of that bit of ornamental flotsam for years, but it suddenly appeared in my mind when I…