Mosaic will tackle the soul-crushing surrealism of adult life

Kafkaesque. It’s a word whose usage in everyday conversation has inspired an unfair status as a self-effacing pejorative of pseudo-intellectualism. Believe it or not, Kafkaesque does retain a meaning apart from these misconceptions; a shorthand description of the soul-crushing drudgery and ineffectual bureaucratic tyranny found in the absurdist-nightmare fictions of, you guessed it, Franz Kafka. It’s a word that’s grown to typify the restless indignation of the individual working in the white-collar hive-mind of the 21st century, and it’s a word that aptly describes the tone of Krillbite Studio’s upcoming point-and-click adventure Mosaic. you’ll start to realize that something is…


First-person toddler-crawler Among the Sleep to terrify grown men and women May 29

Among the Sleep, a pioneer in the first-person baby horror gen, is going to make you feel all weak and vulnerable very, very soon. The spooky game about a small child who escapes the crib to discover a fairyland hell is coming to Steam on May 29. When I played an early demo of the game last year, I found the experience entirely unnerving, despite the fact that I was playing in a crowded coffee shop in full daylight sipping a warm latte topped with cutesy latte art. There were so many weird and disturbing things going on in the…