Scorn slowly reveals its fleshy face with a new trailer

The camera slides over an unknown melding of flesh and bone, something tumorous growing in the edgelight. Towers of meat and sinew stand in a sickly fog, their scale and anatomy twisted beyond recognition. Like the 1979 teaser for Alien, the camera lingers over these textures, as if under such close scrutiny some occult meaning might be revealed. This is the teaser for Scorn, and it sets out a strong vision of fleshy worlds and cadaverous landscapes. Like that infamous Alien trailer, it is a masterpiece of atmosphere, a slow accumulation of tension that creeps under your skin. However, unlike…


The mysteries of Solyaris to find new life in a French exploration game

“We have no need of other worlds. We need mirrors,” says Snow in Stanis?aw Lem’s 1961 novel Solaris. Part science fiction, part philosophical meditation, Lem’s book inverted the usual tale of extraterrestrial exploration. Rather than focus only on the strangeness of another world, Lem used its insurmountable mysteries to deconstruct humanity and its own limitations instead. Quartier Rouge, a first-person exploration game from the Paris based collective Le Chant du Cyne, is trying to do something similar. Inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s cinematic adaptation of Solaris, and Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama series, Quartier Rouge is set to take place in a…